Why and how to use a credit comparator?

A loan without a credit check allows you to obtain financing for your project as quickly as possible. However, you must not forget that any loan commits you to repayment of the latter, within the terms and conditions provided for in the credit contract. It is therefore imperative to choose the loan you are going to take out. To help you in your search for financing, Lite Lender Company provides you with its credit comparator service which sorts and selects offers that meet your needs and criteria. It will help you find the offer at the best price.

Usefulness of the credit comparison tool

Usefulness of the credit comparison tool

The use of a credit comparator is not compulsory. It is however highly recommended for several reasons. The first reason is to limit the results to the most relevant. If you use a search engine to try to find a loan offer, you may end up with a thousand results. It will be difficult for you to study each of its offers. By using our credit comparison tool, the results will be limited to those that meet your requirements. Loan amount, repayment duration, monthly payments that can be supported, only the offers that fall within the sphere of your criteria will be offered to you. You save precious time.

Another reason to use a comparator is that this tool allows you to get the most complete information on credit offers. Our site also puts at your service its credit simulator which details the offer that grabs your attention. You will therefore be better able to assess the advisability of a specific offer and compare it with others. Only a simulation will allow you to determine the overall cost of a loan by taking into account all the fees generated by the loan, interest, administration fees, etc.

Finally, a credit comparator is a completely free tool. You can use it free of charge. There are obviously sites that charge for such a service. The comparator of Lite Lender Company is completely free. You can use it as much as necessary, until completely satisfied. On the other hand, the result of the comparator or the credit simulator does not commit you to anything. It is only a quote allowing you to have the most complete information. The last word is yours. With so many advantages, do not hesitate to use our online tools.

Steps to follow to make your comparison

Steps to follow to make your comparison

To start your comparison, you must go to the Lite Lender Company website. You will be fully guided there step by step. You must provide certain information regarding your identity, surname, first name, date and place of birth. If you are married, you will also need to provide the identity of your spouse. You must then specify the amount you want to borrow and possibly the allocation of the loan.

The form will then require that you specify your financial situation, your job, your income, your monthly expenses. It is important to provide information that is true to reality. This information will allow you to assess your investor profile. Once all the information has been correctly provided, you can launch the comparator which will generate a list of offers that fit your search criteria and with which your request can potentially be successful. You can then detail each offer by requesting a credit simulation.

The Lite Lender Company site works with serious and recognized partners in the field of lending without proof. You are therefore guaranteed to find the most serious offers but also the cheapest offers. You will save your time but also your money. Be aware, however, that the interest rate is not the only criterion for choosing a loan offer. Other criteria must also be taken into account, including the repayment period. In general, the longer a credit spreads, the more it costs. However, you will bear a lower monthly payment. Conversely, a shorter credit implies higher monthly payments but a lower overall cost. In order to help you make the right choice, you can rely on the expertise of our advisers to determine with you the most suitable offer for your real situation.


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