Most effective methods when checking if your name appears on the Credit Bureau

This is a small guide that will advise you on the most effective methods when checking if your name appears on the Credit Bureau, so pay close attention and get as much information as you can.

When the debts are upon us and the dream begins to move away because day by day there is the anguish that generates not knowing if you can reach the end of the month without assuming more credit responsibilities with our bank, our neighbors, our university or other private entities.

For these reasons we are forced to take drastic control measures

Of course, to do so, you need to have as much information as possible about our account statement in the Credit Bureau. Reviewing the credit bureau is one of these simple but incredibly useful and necessary ways to stay informed of the progress of our credit history and to consult it is extremely easy.

What is the Credit Bureau?

The Credit Bureau is an entity that is responsible for collecting information about the credit statements and the respective history of each of the people registered under national standards. With this mechanism, it is possible to consult a database that shows relevant information for the micro and macro finances of the nation and also for the individual exercise of consultation.

This credit history is made up of each of the occasions in which a credit or payment of products and services in installments has been made under the same ownership. You can have a good or bad credit history depending on whether you have complied with the corresponding installments and have complied with the terms acquired, or if on the contrary, you have consistently failed with them.

This information is a tool that is used by every provider

This information is a tool that is used by every provider

To verify the viability of new credit to an applicant, and although in some cases it can favor you and help you get the credit, in many others it can also prevent it. For this reason, it is so important to keep this history in mind when requesting some type of loan from a bank or even a particular provider.

Steps to review the Credit Bureau easily and for free:

Anyone can check their credit history in the credit bureau at no cost with a periodicity of twelve (12) months, so we recommend that you perform this operation calmly and following the steps carefully. Do not forget that the additional queries you make in this period of time will have a cost, no matter what medium is used for it.

Remember that there are several methods of consultation of the Credit Bureau, ranging from the telephone report, online, in person and by fax.

To check the Credit Bureau electronically

You can access this site where you will find detailed the steps you must follow to generate the report. For this, it is necessary to authorize the Bureau to consult your credit history, which is essential to continue the process, once you do it will be necessary to have all the documents corresponding to the accounts and ownership of them at hand. Finally, the report will be generated within the next five (5) business days after sending the request to the Credit Bureau.


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